Welcome to the website of the Israeli Jewish Congress (HAKHEL)    The IJC was founded by a group of prominent Israelis    The IJC officially inaugurated its offices on May 20th 2012 - more on the website

Q & A

Dear Visitor, here are some recently asked questions and answers.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions by using the “Contact Us” option on this website.

1. Who needs another organization like this one ?
We feel it is necessary and important for various reasons that an organization should exist to  represent the interests of the jewish communities in the State of Israel. First of all, there is no such organization (even we were amazed to discover this!) and we think it is very important that the voice of the Jews of Israel be heard in various international forums. Secondly, the Israeli Jewish Congress’ goals and objectives speak for themselves on the need to strengthen the Jewish community in the State of Israel by a non-governmental organization consisting of public figures from wide array of political and religious views.

2. What is the legal status of the IJC?
The Israeli Jewish Congress (HAKHEL) is a registered charitable corporation, listed as a non-profit organization at the Registrar of non-profits at the Ministry of Justice. The Israeli Jewish Congress is run by a professional staff and a Presidium consisting of prominent public figures. Details can be found on under the heading “The IJC”. We currently operate offices in Tel-Aviv and hope opening European representations in the near future. “HAKHEL” refers to a custom based on the mandated practice in the Hebrew Bible of assembling all Jewish men, women and children to hear the reading of the Torah by the king of Israel once every seven years, we also believe in assembling and uniting the Jewish People.

3. What are the funding sources of the Israeli Jewish Congress?
The IJC is funded by private and institutional donors under the supervision of an external Comptroller and subject to legislation and regulations of the State of Israel.

4. Who is behind the Israeli Jewish Congress ?
The IJC is the brainchild of the well known Israeli-Russian philanthropist – Dr. Vladimir Slutsker who together with a group of prominent Israeli public figures; Maj. Gen. (res.) Danny  Yatom, Maj. Gen . (ret.) Yaakov Borovsky and Adv. Dr. Lipa Meir founded the Israeli Jewish Congress in order to promote the goals of the IJC.. Their details can be found on under the heading “Who are we – Founders”.

5. Does the Israeli Jewish Congress have any political affiliation?
The IJC is a clearly apolitical body whose role is to unite people across the political spectrum for behind our Objectives. Amongst the founders and supporters of the IJC are prominent public figures from all walks of life; left, right, center. The Israeli Jewish Congress will not take any political stand or support any political faction, it will remain true to our goals & objectives which can be found under the heading “The Goals and Objectives of the IJC”. The IJC will support any democratically elected government of the State of Israel believing that the citizens of the country should decide on its future.

6. Does the Israeli Jewish Congress have a position on the Israeli-Palestinians conflict ? The  Return of the Golan Heights? Other issues like these?
The IJC does not have a position on these issues; it is up to Israeli government and the Knesset, as sovereign decision makers, to solve these issues. The Israeli Jewish Congress will support any decision that has a majority amongst the citizens of Israel.
We support the vision of the Prophets of the Jewish people to live in peace with all peoples in the region.

7. How can we contribute to the Israeli Jewish Congress?
We welcome contributions to our activities, in any way you choose to assist us.
Please contact us by phone or on the web form on the site under the heading “Contact Us“.

8. How can I be active in the Israeli Jewish Congress ?
First of all, thank you for the willingness to assist us, you can help in many different ways. Firstly by helping to spread our website and Facebook page, Google + account, Twitter, etc. amongst your friends and family. Secondly you can assist us in our activities (you can see our activities under the heading “IJC Activities”.  Please contact us by phone or on the web form on the site under the heading “Contact Us“.

9. How are you linked to the World Jewish Congress, the European Jewish Congress, the Russian Jewish Congress and other such organizations?
The Israeli Jewish Congress represents Israel’s Jewish community in the world. We strive to be full partners and members in all other Jewish organizations mentioned above to work with them to advance our common goals.

10. What are your main day to day activities ?
The Israeli Jewish Congress is now busy establishing the organizational infrastructure, composing the organization’s Presidium, setting priorities and organizing the opening Conference of the Congress which is scheduled for September 2012.
Among other Congress activities: research, strengthening the Jewish people in Israel, presenting our positions to decision makers and in various forums, institutions, international organizations, etc. We also organize conferences on issues important to us and so on. You can find information about these under the heading “day to day Activities of the IJC“.

11. I have something to say about the contents of your site, is this possible ?
You can register for the site and respond to most content on the site. We reserve the right to moderate offensive, racist or other inappropriate content. In addition you can also comment on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and Google accounts.

12. How can I meet you? I have ideas to help you?
In order to meet us you will need to make an appointment in our offices in Tel Aviv. Please contact us by phone or on the webform here on the site under the heading “Contact Us“.