Welcome to the website of the Israeli Jewish Congress (HAKHEL)    The IJC was founded by a group of prominent Israelis    The IJC officially inaugurated its offices on May 20th 2012 - more on the website

Day to day activities of the IJC

The Israeli Jewish Congress (HAKHEL) is currently busy with building the organizational infrastructure needed, establishing the IJC’s Presidium, setting priorities and immediate goals for our activities and organizing our first Conference which is planned for September 2012.

Day to day activities will include:
1. Actions which will strengthen and publish our goals
2. Research and publications in the areas defined in our Goals
3. Strengthening the Jewish population in Israel
4. Presenting our views to decision-makers in Israel, in international forums and institutions and in international organizations.
5. The organizing of public meetings, conferences and research on those issues which are important to us.
6. Participation in activities and permanent contact with Jewish organizations in the Diaspora.