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The IJC is shocked by the brutal attack against a Jewish teenager on a train from Toulouse to Lyon in France on July 4th, 2012.

Hardly four months have passed since the horrific terrorist attack on the Jewish “Otzar Hatorah” school during which three children and one teacher were butchered, and once more a student of the same school is attacked for being Jewish.
The 17 year old youngster was on a train connecting Toulouse to Lyon on Wednesday evening (July 4th, 2012) when he was attacked and insulted by two people who recognized the Magen David he was wearing around his neck. The two 18-year old men dragged him to the lavatories where they proceeded to violently beat and verbally assault him. Train passengers and railway personnel intervened to stop the attack.
The victim filed a police complaint and the two perpetrators were arrested this (Thursday) morning and will be brought to court. France’s Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls strongly condemned the attack and said: ”French Law assures strong sanctions for those who commit such antisemitic acts”.
We praise the authorities for their swift action and call upon the Judicial Authorities to mete out harsh punishments to the perpetrators.
Vladimir Sloutsker, President of the Israeli Jewish Congress states that: ”Security for Jews in Europe is paramount if we are to assure the continuing existence of Jewish communities across the continent. May this case serve as an example and prevent future antisemitic acts.
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