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Statement by IJC President Vladimir Sloutsker on overnight rocket bombardment from Gaza

This weekend, as Israelis were marking the holy Sabbath, thousands of families across southern Israel had to spend the night and this morning in bomb shelters, after Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired a bombardment of rockets (over 30 so far) from Gaza.
The attacks are still ongoing, without any respite for the communities of the south.
A reminder, Islamic Jihad were created, are funded and answerable solely to the Iranian regime.
Imagine for a moment this was YOUR community?
Imagine if even one rocket was fired at YOUR family?
What would YOU do?
The State of Israel will take whatever action necessary to protect and defend our citizens. However, the international community must also play its part and immediately, unequivocally and without reservation condemn this abhorrent war crime and crime against humanity. The failure to do so will only contribute to their ongoing complicity with each rocket attack and the violence that ensues.