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IJC Statement on Today’s Rocket Attack on Beer’sheva, Israel

Hi, how was your night?
At 04:00am, in Beer’sheva, south of Israel, as most families should have been safe asleep, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired a number of rockets at one of Israel’s most populous cities.   
One of these rockets directly hit and destroyed a home, where a mother and her three young children just narrowly escaped being killed by making it to the bomb shelter seconds before explosion. 
Imagine if this was YOUR family?
Targeting children is the cruelest form of terror and war crime! 
This abhorrent attack on Israeli civilians – and in particular, children – must be condemned immediately, unequivocally and without any hesitation, in the most vehement terms!
It cannot be such that the international community, including global political leadership and human rights organizations continue to turn a blind eye to this flagrant assault, especially less than 24 hours after the Palestinians were overwhelmingly voted to chair the influential G77 group of nations at the UN and after three Israelis were murdered in Palestinian terror attacks in the past month!
No-one can be expected to live under such incessant threat of terror.
The State of Israel, like any sovereign nation, is not only entitled, but has the foremost duty to take whatever action necessary to protect and defend the citizens of Israel.
But, enough is enough! The international community must play its part and hold Palestinian terror groups, led by Hamas, which control the Gaza Strip, to account!