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PRESS RELEASE: The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) Applauds Historic Decision By Knesset to Pass the ‘Nation-State Law’

The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) applauds the decision of the Knesset to pass the ‘Nation-State’ law, which IJC President Vladimir Sloutsker called “a long overdue, yet truly historic and defining moment in the long and proud history of Zionism and the modern State of Israel.

Sloutsker added:

“As The Israeli-Jewish Congress, our very mission since inception has been the promotion of the principle of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. This law simply correct a long overdue injustice and enshrines this very basic and fundamental principle. Israel shall always remain a strong, proud and vibrant democracy, and there is nothing in this law that will diminish that. 

At a time when there are many who seek to undermine and attack the very notion of Jewish self-determination, as expressed in the land of Israel being the ancestral and historical national homeland of the Jewish people, there has never been a greater sense of urgency in enshrining this very fundamental principle in Basic Law.

We applaud the Knesset for their leadership in passing this historic bill and shall undertake to work with the Knesset, the Government and our allies in the Diaspora to put the principles and vision of this law into effect.”