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The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) Statement on U.S. decision to withdraw from Iran Deal

The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) Statement on U.S. decision to withdraw from Iran Deal
The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) fully endorses President Trump’s courageous and principled decision to withdraw the United States from the disastrous Iran Deal, while simultaneously instituting sanctions to the highest possible level.
Let there be no misunderstanding, the Iranian regime today is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, including through its direct support for terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas, and its publicly stated intentions to destroy the State of Israel.
Iran however represents not only a direct and existential threat to the Jewish state, but also a clear and present danger to the Middle East and the world through their destabilizing activities and expansionist intentions. Where Iran leads, violence, terror and destruction unmistakably follow.
Although the authors of the original Iran Deal (‘JCPOA’) had the best intentions in mind, the agreement as it stood, would not only fail to stop the Iranian regime from obtaining nuclear weapons, but in fact would pave the way for it to do so, while in the meantime only enhancing their support for terror groups and activities around the world, including aimed at Israel and Western interests. 
Most glaringly, the sunset clause provision, omission of inter-continental ballistic missiles from the agreement, as well as the lackluster verification and inspection provisions, and failure to address Iran’s support for proxy terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, meant that the Iran Deal was inherently flawed to the core and from the outset. 
As Prime Minister Netanyahu exposed last week in a major Israeli intelligence security finding, the original Iran Deal was based on a set of lies, with the Iranian regime only further intensifying its efforts to hide is secret nuclear weapons program since signing the agreement with the Western powers. 
We hope that moving forward, our allies in Europe and around the world, would work closely with the United States, Israel and all concerned parties, to address the above deficiencies of the original Iran Deal, including stopping Iran’s terrorist activities around the world and ensuring they can never obtain a nuclear weapon.

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