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The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) Statement on Gaza Violence

The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) Statement on Gaza Violence
This past weekend, as Jews in Israel began to mark Passover, one of the holiest periods in Judaism, celebrating the exodus from Egypt to freedom in their ancestral homeland, Israel, Hamas decided to launch a violent terror campaign on the Gaza border.
It has been reported that at least 15 Palestinians died in the ensuing violence, however, at least 10 of those have been confirmed as known terrorists, including senior commanders mostly from the Hamas, who were killed in the course of carrying out acts of terror during the riots.
It is important to put a few things in context.
The so-called ‘Land Day’ or ‘Great Return March’ was held under pretext of ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’, but nothing could be further from the truth. This was not a ‘peaceful protest’ and nor was it about justice or human rights. It was a pre-mediated riot, planned and executed by the Hamas, designed incite violence and sow unrest in what was already a very combustible situation on the Gaza – Israel border.
We saw, for example, Palestinians seeking to storm Israel’s border, Molotov cocktails being thrown, IDF troops being fired upon and even sickeningly, a seven-year old girl sent by Hamas to ‘infiltrate’ Israel’s border.
It is important to bear in mind, Hamas is a radical Islamic terror organization, sworn to Israel’s destruction. It has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United StatesEuropean Union and much of the West.
Israel, like any sovereign nation, has the full right – and obligation – under international law to defend its borders, to protect its citizens and to prevent illegal infiltration from terrorists into its territory. 
Responsibility for the tragic violence and deaths, that were entirely avoidable, lie solely with Hamas and Palestinian Authority, which instead of showing leadership and calling for calm, have manufactured this entire violent campaign. 
The international community and all those who truly care about peace – must – unequivocally – hold Hamas and the PA to account for the violence.

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