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Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day 2012

On the eve of Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day 5772, The Israeli Jewish Congress bows its head in remembrance in deep sorrow and pain at the loss of six million victims and the destruction of our people.
Even seven decades later, the Holocaust continues to horrify every single fibre of our souls. The memories of the terrible past reinforce our awareness of the unique responsibility which weighs on us all – to remember and remind the world that we declare: “Never Again !!”.
The world cannot stand idle against evil forces who want to spread the seeds of evil and hatred, under the guise of demagoguery and falsehood.
May this generation continue the efforts of the previous one to re-create what was lost and forgotten, help build a new era and an enlightened world, to fulfill our future while strengthening the foundations of Israeli society and ensure its stability.
Recently published information shows that there are 200 thousand Holocaust survivors in Israel today. Every day about 32 survivors die, every hour one Holocaust survivor leaves us.  One quarter of them was in need of assistance in the past year, about half of them reported loneliness and close to 12 thousand Holocaust survivors suffer from cold and hunger throughout the year.
We call on the Israeli government and all its citizens to mobilize on behalf of Holocaust survivors and preserve their dignity.
May the memory of six million Holocaust victims be forever engraved in our hearts.Sincerely,
Vladimir Sloutsker
President of the IJC