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Press Statement: IJC President Vladimir Sloutsker addresses Jerusalem Press Club on European Unilateral Recognition of Palestinian Statehood

On 25th November, 2014, Vladimir Sloutsker, IJC President & Co-Founder was invited by the Jerusalem Press Club to hold a special discussion with leading journalists from over 10 countries around the world.

The topic of his remarks was ‘the consequences of decision of Sweden to recognize Palestinian Statehood in light of the growing threat of worldwide terrorism and impact on the Middle East peace process’.

The timing of Mr. Sloutsker’s remarks were all the more urgent given they were made under the specter of this week’s European Parliament and French National Assembly votes to recognize a Palestinian State. In the last weeks already, the Parliaments of Spain and the United Kingdom have symbolically voted to recognize Palestinian Statehood, while the Swedish government has gone one step further to full governmental recognition.

During his address, Mr. Sloutsker noted some of the following key concerns and dangerous outcomes of the decision of Swedish government addressed also to other European countries.

This is a summary of his remarks and you can view full video of the event here [1].

Mr. Sloutsker:

The reason behind today’s meeting is based on the decision of the Swedish government to recognize the statehood of Palestine and its potential impact on the development of the threat of terror worldwide.

First of all, I would like to say that I fully support the idea of the two-state solution. Moreover, I am certain that if this idea is not implemented there can be no hope for a lasting and stable long-term peace.

I am also certain that there is no country that would like more than Israel to have a friendly, peaceful, democratic and prosperous State of Palestine as a neighbour. However, the present state of affairs with regard to the Palestinian Authority does not provide the basis for recognition of it as a sovereign state.

The close links that the Palestinian Authority has with various terrorist groups are well-known. The recognition of the Statehood of Palestine today would prove that political aims can be achieved through instruments of terror.

The dream of every major terrorist organization is to create their own territorial entity. This is reflected in the very name of ISIS, for example. The recognition of a Palestinian State would open the doors to such terrorist groups as Al Qaeda, ISIS and others and would encourage them in the belief that their political aims can also be achieved in this way.

There are mistakes which can be corrected and there are such which can lead to irrevocable consequences. Recognition of Palestine in its present condition as a sovereign state would lead to absolutely unpredictable consequences not only for the Middle East, but internationally as well.

I want to appeal not only to the Swedish government but also to other European Union governments not to take any premature steps with regard to fragile and potentially explosive political arena of the Middle East.”

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