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Vladimir Sloutsker reacts to the terror attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse

The President of the Israeli Jewish Congress, Vladimir Slutzker, strongly condemned the horrific terror attack in Toulouse, France.  “This is a despicable terror attack unprecedented and especially cruel. Not since the Second World War have Jewish children been coldheartedly shot to death on European soil” said Slutzker, adding that :”We see this event as a extreme escalation of antisemitism in Europe, in recent years these events have escalated in their severity, there was the assassination of the Rabbi in Paris, the desecration of Jewish graveyards and now the ruthless killing of children. What’s next ??”.  He concluded by saying that “We feel it is very important to unite all the Jewish elements in the world, I call upon all the European governments to act immediately to counter any and all expressions of antisemitism. All those amongst us who cannot remain apathetic on the democratic future of Europe has to strongly condemn this attack and unite themselves.


This reaction was published by Maariv’s online version, NRG, to view the article in Hebrew press here [1] it also appears in a larger article about the terror attack in Toulouse and can be viewed here [2] in Hebrew.