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Adv. Dr. Lipa Meir

Adv. Dr. Lipa Meir

Attorney Dr.  Lipa Meir is a partner in the law firm of Lipa Meir & Co. He earned his secondary and high-school education in Tel-Aviv and graduated (summa cum laude) from the University of Tel Aviv Law School with his law degrees (LLB and LLM). Dr. Lipa Meir received his doctorate from the University of Toronto in Canada in1985.

During his military service in the Israel Defense Forces Dr. Lipa Meir served in the “Nahal Group” and most of his reserve duty he served in the Military Advocate General’s Corps.

While completing his legal studies at the Tel-Aviv University, Dr. Lipa Meir worked at different insurance companies in underwriting positions. Following his admission to the Israel Bar Association in 1974 Dr. Lipa Meir began working as an associate at the law firm of Herzog, Fox & Neeman and in 1978 became a partner at the firm and continued to work there until 1987.

In 1987 Dr. Lipa Meir founded the law firm of Lipa Meir & Co. and today the firm is comprised of some forty four attorneys, of which sixteen are partners.
Dr. Lipa Meir’s practice focuses on corporate rehabilitation and insolvency (bankruptcy, receivership, liquidation, freeze of proceedings and creditors arrangements).

Dr. Lipa Meir also lectures on various different fields of law at universities, courses and professional continuing education programs designed for attorneys, accountants, economists and business executives.

Dr. Lipa Meir served as Chairman of the National Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar Association and currently serves as a member of the Zionist Federation Supreme Court. Dr. Lipa Meir was also a member of the board of trustees and the executive council of Bar-Ilan University and Netanya Academic College.
Since 2007 Dr. Lipa Meir has been serving as Chairman of the Public Advisory Committee advising on the issues of dumping and trade levies.

Education:Tel-Aviv University, 1974 (cum laude, LLB), 1981 (cum laude, LLM)University of Toronto (SJD)
[Photo credit: http://www.lipameir.co.il/]

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