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UN chief: Calls for Israel’s destruction are ‘modern anti-Semitism’

UN chief: Calls for Israel’s destruction are ‘modern anti-Semitism’

Antonio Guterres, on his first official visit to Israel as United Nations Secretary General, reaffirmed that calls for Israel’s destruction are a “form of modern anti-Semitism” and has vowed to treat Israel with “impartiality” against UN’s ongoing singling out and discrimination against the Jewish state.

During a press conference with President Rivlin, UN Secretary General said:

We will always be very committed to make sure anti-Semitism doesn’t prevail and that equality in the treatment of all states is fully respected.”

Earlier in the day, the Secretary General visited Yad Vashem, laying a wreath to the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, saying:

Yad Vashem sends an essential message: remember the Nazi genocide, act against hatred today. Silence abets bigotry.”

Yad Vashem is there to remind us that we need to be in the first line in fighting against antisemitism, but first of all fighting against all other forms of bigotry, be it racism, xenophobia, even anti-Muslim hatred, to promote understanding and to promote dialogue.”

The Secretary General was due to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu later in the day. 

You can read more about his visit here.


[Featured image credit: Twitter / UN Secretary General]


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