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IJC Statement on Massacre in Halamish, Where 3 Members of an Israeli Family Were Murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist

IJC Statement on Massacre in Halamish, Where 3 Members of an Israeli Family Were Murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist

The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) deplores beyond words the utterly sickening, barbaric massacre of three members of an Israeli family in Halamish, who were butchered to death in their home by a Palestinian terrorist overnight, as they gathered to celebrate the Shabbat.

A fourth member of the family remains in critical condition.

First and foremost, our deepest thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victims, which included a father, son and daughter. There are simply no sufficient words to give comfort during this difficult time, apart from the knowledge that all of Israel and the peace-loving world stands with them now and always. 

This despicable act of cowardice, evil and terror, was not committed in a vacuum however. It could have been entirely avoided had the Palestinian leadership exercised restraint, calm and leadership during this tense period in Jerusalem in the past week, following the murder of two Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount last Friday.

Instead, the Palestinian Authority has been engaged in a relentless campaign of incitement against Israel, calling for rage and violence, when calm was most necessary.

One must also ask why the international community has turned its back to this incitement, while 24 hours later after the massacre, many are still to even utter a word of condemnation. Their silence is truly deafening. 

As long as the international community, which is so quick to decry the building of Jewish homes in Jerusalem are silent as Jewish lives are threatened, turning their back on Palestinian incitement, they will be complicit is stoking the flames of hatred and violence, like we saw culminating in the massacre in Halamish last night.

All those who truly care about peace, must condemn immediately, unequivocally and without hesitation, the deplorable act of evil that occurred in Halamish last night.

May the memory of the victims remain a blessing.


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