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The Israeli-Jewish Congress launches campaign urging FIFA: Give hate against Israel a ‘Red Card’

The Israeli-Jewish Congress launches campaign urging FIFA: Give hate against Israel a ‘Red Card’

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The Israeli-Jewish Congress launches campaign urging FIFA to give hate against Israel a ‘red card‘.

3rd May, 2017

“Football can inspire communities and break down barriers. Football is for all. FIFA believes that everybody has the right to play football free from discrimination or prejudice and we are striving to ensure that this is the case.”

These words are taken directly from the FIFA Mission.

Yet, next week, at the annual FIFA Council and Congress, to be held in Bahrain on 9-11th May, member states are expected to vote on a Palestinian-led campaign to ban the Israeli Football Association from FIFA.

Should this succeed, needless to say, the ramifications will be very serious.

President of The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC), Mr Vladimir Sloutsker, has written to the FIFA President (Mr. Gianni Infantino) and the Chairman of the FIFA Monitoring Committee on Israel – Palestine (Mr. Tokyo Sexwale), outlining how this dangerous campaign is wholly contrary to the FIFA Mission (“Football is for all”).


Like peace, football requires two sides. Whereas football can be a wonderful vehicle to promote peace, tolerance and friendship, this campaign will only promote hatred, breed intolerance and attack the State of Israel, the sole democracy in the region.”

The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) has therefore written to FIFA leadership, including FIFA President Mr. Gianni Infantino, urging them to use their voice and leadership to speak out and give this campaign of hate against the Jewish state a ‘red card‘.

In addition, IJC is working closely with Jewish communities in Europe and other pro-Israel allies around the world, as well as launching a social media campaign in order to amply this message and support Israel in FIFA.

The legendary Pelé, famously described football as “the beautiful game.” IJC is calling on FIFA to work together to maintain that, to utilize the power of football to bring the Israeli and Palestinians closer together and promote joint peace initiatives, instead of singling out, attacking and banning Israel.

For further media enquires, please contact: Mr. Arsen Ostrovsky, IJC Executive Director (Ph: +972 (0)3 6444 688 / Email: ostrov@ijc.org.il)


The Israeli-Jewish Congress is an independent Israeli-based organization devoted to strengthening the bond between Israel & Jewish communities in the Diaspora, as well as fighting racism, intolerance & Antisemitism.

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