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5 Years Since Toulouse Jewish School Terror Attack

5 Years Since Toulouse Jewish School Terror Attack
We remember! On this day, 5 years ago, in an unspeakable act of evil, an Islamic terrorist murdered 3 young Jewish children and their Rabbi, in the Otzar Hatorah Toulouse School terror attack.
Their names were:
* Rabbi Jonathan Sandler (z’l), age 30
* Gabriel Sandler (z’l), age 3
* Arieh Sandler (z’l), age 6
* Miriam Monsonego (z’l), age 8
Gabriel and Arieh were the children of Rabbi Sandler, while Miriam was the daughter of the school headmaster Rabbi Yaakov Monsonego.
Four beautiful souls, including three precious young children.
May their memories always be a blessing, as we shall never forget and recommit to do everything in our power to prevent such hatred and ensure Jewish communities in Europe and around the world are able to live in freedom, safety and security.

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