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PRESS RELEASE: Special IJC Event for Holocaust Survivors in Israel on First Night of Hanukkah, Nov 27th, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Special IJC Event for Holocaust Survivors in Israel on First Night of Hanukkah, Nov 27th, 2013

Tel Aviv, Israel: The Israeli-Jewish Congress (IJC) is honored to partner with IMPACT! – an FIDF (‘Friends of the Israel Defense Forces’) volunteer scholarship program for former IDF combat-soldiers, for a special candle-lighting and ceremony for over 2,000 Holocaust survivors throughout Israel, on the first day of Hanukkah, Wednesday, November 27th, 2013.

With IJC’s support, the special project will see at least 1,000 IMPACT! volunteers bring some joy and light to the hearts of more than 2,000 Holocaust survivors from all across Israel, in more than 350 locations, including community centers and private homes.

The volunteers will bring with them Hanukkah packages, including ‘sufganiyot’, participate in candle lighting ceremonies and most especially – spend personal quality time with each of the Survivors.

IJC President and Co-Founder, Vladimir Sloutsker:

Holocaust survivors are Israel’s most treasured citizens. Theirs is the generation that saw the most horrendous evil and then made innumerable contributions to the State of Israel.

Today, many of these Survivors do not have any immediate family, with loneliness being one of the primary causes of concern. The responsibility falls upon all us of, as concerned fellow citizens, to help these Survivors.

IJC is especially proud to support IMPACT!, a group of dedicated young former IDF soldiers, in this symbolic partnership between today’s defenders of the State of Israel and our Holocaust survivors.

In addition, this project will also be the formal launch of the Sloutsker Foundation for Holocaust Survivors, a new organization created by Vladimir Sloutsker, IJC President and Co-Founder, to help Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Media is welcome and invited to attend, and participate, in the ceremonies across the country and are urged to enquire with us about specific locations.

For further details about this special event or the Sloutsker Foundation for Holocaust Survivors, please contact:

Mr. Ran Bar-Yoshafat
Project Manager, IJC
Ph: +972 -50-541-4778
Email: RanBario@IJC.ORG.IL

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