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IJC Blueprint for Combating Antisemitism in Europe: 5th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (12-14 May, 2015)

PRESS RELEASE IJC Blueprint for Combating Antisemitism in Europe ‘A Call to Action’ 5th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (GFCA) Jerusalem, 12-14 May, 2015 The Israel-Jewish Congress (IJC) is honored to participate in the 5th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (GFCA), being held in Jerusalem on 12-14 May, 2015, under the auspices of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affai ...

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The Israeli Jewish Congress urges all European countries to adopt laws criminalizing Holocaust Denial.

Of the 27 member states in the European Union, only 13 countries (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain) have such laws. The lack of such laws in Great Britain which played such a major role in World War II is especially surprising, the argument that such laws would infringe fr ...

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Jewish Terror Victims around the world should be recognized by the State of Israel

The Israeli Jewish Congress calls on the State of Israel to change current laws and procedures in order to allow for all victims of antisemitic terror attacks around the world to be recognized as such by the State of Israel. The State of Israel should provide them with all necessary aid, including burial arrangements in Israel if requested by the families, psychological counsel ...

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